Power Your Leads With JuJu

A powerful, easy-to-use web service for gathering information on your prospects

Predictive Analytics

Compare your leads against your own historical data, or use one of LeadJuJu’s advanced handcrafted algorithms.

Categorize your customers, see their estimated success of landing, and view the projected magnitude of job size determined by machine learning on real data.

View Insights On Your Potential Clients

View all publicly available information on your prospect, like net income, household statistics, and more.

Put a background behind a lead to target effectively.

Optimize Your Sales Funnel

Some leads are more valuable than others– let LeadJuJu separate the wheat from the chaff.

Effortlessly score your prospects so you can focus on the big fish.

Decide Your Format

Upload multiple leads on a spreadsheet or input each as your get them.

Receive your report, instantly.

So what is LeadJuJu?

You put in a name and address. LeadJuJu handles the rest. 

Using machine learning and large amounts of data, LeadJuJu determines just how much money a lead is worth and calculates the projected chance of conversion. On top of this, LeadJuJu also supplies you with an abundance of relevant information on your potential customer.