Extended Data

Instant information on your leads

  • LeadJuJu Extended Data supplies you with valuable information on a lead that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Details like household income and home value help put a lead into perspective; additionally, you know the right service price range to target a person with.
  • Extended Data is included with a LeadJuJu subscription, as well as the Extended Data Only subscription.

How easy is it to use Extended Data?

Extremely. Here’s the steps:

For single upload

Step One

Enter all the information on your lead.

Make sure the address and phone are up to date to ensure a match.

Although it’s not necessary, use a full first name if you have one.

When you’re done, press the ‘Get Extended Data’ Button.

Step Two

Here’s all of your prospects information. Easy, huh?

Click ‘Save Info’ if you wish to save the page as a spreadsheet for use later.

For multiple leads

Step One

Download the template by clicking the ‘Template’ button on your homepage after logging into LeadJuJu.

Step Two

Open up the spreadsheet and fill out the information for every person desired.

Save it as a .csv (.xlsx will work too) and then make sure your email is correct. Select the file and hit the upload button.

Wait thirty seconds or so, and a success message will appear telling you to check your email.

Check your email. Your LeadJuJu report is ready.

Don’t have it yet?